Patient Information

Initial Physician Consultation

Patient undergoes varicose veins consultation near Minneapolis.

Your physician consultation will include an in-depth and personalized assessment of your specific vein condition. You will be asked to change into shorts if you are being evaluated for a leg vein problem. You may bring your own shorts, or we can supply you with disposable shorts. Your legs may be examined with a vein light which uses infrared technology to identify veins not visible to the naked eye. A duplex ultrasound examination may be recommended and performed in our office.

You may need duplex venous ultrasound if you have leg symptoms or if you have large, ropey veins. Venous ultrasound may also be indicated if you have had prior vein surgery, vein treatment failure, or if you have spider veins visible at areas on your legs, such as on the ankles or inner thighs. These and other cases may indicate an underlying venous condition that should be identified to help guide treatment options.

The physician consultation is billable to insurance. The initial appointment will take approximately 60 minutes.