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Spider Vein Treatment in Minnesota

Spider Veins

Before and after depiction of treatment for spider veins in MN.

Spider veins are abnormally dilated blood vessels in the skin and are red or blue in color. They may appear on the legs, face, chest, arms and back. Spider veins may or may not be associated with symptoms. Symptoms that may be associated with spider veins include burning, itching and pain.

Sclerotherapy is currently the “gold standard” for treatment of spider veins. Sclerotherapy is the injection of a solution to collapse the veins.

Reticular Vein

Spider veins grow from reticular veins. These vessels are deeper in the skin and appear blue or green giving the area a marbled appearance. To effectively treat spider veins, these “feeder” veins are also injected. If left untreated, more spider veins develop and leg discomfort may begin to occur. Likewise, if the even deeper vein (for example, the great saphenous vein) is dysfunctional, its treatment will prevent the growth of more reticular and spider veins.

Injection sclerotherapy at Minnesota Vein Center for spider and reticular veins is efficient and comfortable. Micro-injection techniques and solutions such as Sotradecol® and Asclera® have replaced the older saline injections. While this procedure is quick (a 30-minute session), your spider vein treatment in Minneapolis may require several visits to complete. You may return to a normal routine soon after treatment.