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Facial Vein Treatment

Before and after image of facial spider veins in Minneapolis.

Visible facial veins are dilated blood vessels at the surface of the skin. Fine facial veins often occur on the forehead, nose, cheeks and eyelids. These are the result of blood vessel dilation and may be due to weakening of the elastic fibers in the walls of the blood vessel. Fine visible facial veins are often related to skin damage by the sun, rosacea, liver disease, prolonged steroid use and trauma.

Veinwave™ treatments are quite effective for treating facial spider veins. This treatment is minimally invasive. The probe literally breaches only the very top layers of skin and does not pierce the vessel. The nickel probe is insulated with a micro sheath to prevent trauma to surrounding tissue. The effect of the treatment is instant — fine veins are seen to disappear immediately.

Veinwave™ equipment for facial veins treatment in MN.